Monsignor John Esseff – Exorcist, Confessor, Catholic Priest

Modern day mystics are more common then one might think. Meet Monsignor John Esseff. A diocesan priest from the diocese of Scranton who’s mission is to consecrate the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His simple teachings on the Catholic faith might be passed over as rudimentary or too simplistic; however, his breath is filled with the Holy Spirit. Some say he will read your soul to help you make a better confession or discern the Lord’s will in your life.


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  1. Bernadette Wolff says:

    This most eloquent Monsignor John Esseff will not only read your soul but he will deliver you from oppression in one visit. May The Lord continue to bless him and keep him as holy as St Padre Pio, his predecessor. In Jesus’ Name through the intercession of The Virgin Mother of God.
    Bernadette Wolff

  2. Where is he?

  3. Please help me re build the back again…

  4. I was blessed to attend a Marian Eucharistic conference this past weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Where Monsignor Esseff was a speaker and the main celebrant at one of the masses. I was able to chat briefly with him and had him hear my confession.
    He’s a joy!

  5. I was gifted 4hours with him this past weekend as we were flying home! Who am I to sit next to this holy man??? I was literally flying up in heaven!! He has such a compassionate heart and gentle spirit! I love him with all my soul! Thank you God!!!!!!!

  6. How can i get in touch with Monsignor John Essef?

  7. jose rodriguez says:

    What is the Catholic church position about his locutions?

    • Thomas marsico says:

      They are not recognized by the church, the locutions about pope Francis being a good pope were totally off base that discredit the locutions


        In others locutions given to diferents persons, The Lors has said the same, that Pope Francis was send by God to achieve Pope Benedict’s works, to finish it. God bless ya

  8. Thomas marsico says:

    I see all you folks being very excited about seeing Monsignor Esseff, I guess I am lucky he is my confessor I live next to him he even baptized me and blessed my home, I speak to him all the time, he is a normal man yes maybe will be a saint one day but he is very approachable

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