Monsignor John Esseff – Exorcist, Confessor, Catholic Priest

Modern day mystics are more common then one might think. Meet Monsignor John Esseff. A diocesan priest from the diocese of Scranton who’s mission is to consecrate the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His simple teachings on the Catholic faith might be passed over as rudimentary or too simplistic; however, his breath is filled with the Holy Spirit. Some say he will read your soul to help you make a better confession or discern the Lord’s will in your life.


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  1. Bernadette Wolff says:

    This most eloquent Monsignor John Esseff will not only read your soul but he will deliver you from oppression in one visit. May The Lord continue to bless him and keep him as holy as St Padre Pio, his predecessor. In Jesus’ Name through the intercession of The Virgin Mother of God.
    Bernadette Wolff

  2. Where is he?

  3. Please help me re build the back again…

  4. I was blessed to attend a Marian Eucharistic conference this past weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Where Monsignor Esseff was a speaker and the main celebrant at one of the masses. I was able to chat briefly with him and had him hear my confession.
    He’s a joy!

  5. I was gifted 4hours with him this past weekend as we were flying home! Who am I to sit next to this holy man??? I was literally flying up in heaven!! He has such a compassionate heart and gentle spirit! I love him with all my soul! Thank you God!!!!!!!

  6. How can i get in touch with Monsignor John Essef?

  7. jose rodriguez says:

    What is the Catholic church position about his locutions?

    • Thomas marsico says:

      They are not recognized by the church, the locutions about pope Francis being a good pope were totally off base that discredit the locutions


        In others locutions given to diferents persons, The Lors has said the same, that Pope Francis was send by God to achieve Pope Benedict’s works, to finish it. God bless ya

  8. Thomas marsico says:

    I see all you folks being very excited about seeing Monsignor Esseff, I guess I am lucky he is my confessor I live next to him he even baptized me and blessed my home, I speak to him all the time, he is a normal man yes maybe will be a saint one day but he is very approachable

  9. I am doing the German translation of the locutions. I got Monsignore’s permission to do so but it is very difficult to get in touch with him. There are so many spelling mistakes and wrong counting and it should be corrected. These are the ultimate messages for the world. They are so important!
    The German website name “Schlangenzertreterin” means the “Woman who will crash Satans head”.

  10. Are the locutions true? I am understanding from one of the replies, that they are not.

  11. You would have to trust the one who is the spiritual director for the locutionist and he is Msgr Esseff. Some of the messages involved a future conclave to elect a new Pope before Benedict had mentioned his plans for resignation! They appear to be very clear and to the point now so necessary for our guidance due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the world. I learned of them via a good man who himself has been speaking to groups, esp. about his special anointed and official role within the Divine Mercy apostolate to form groups to visit the dying and pray the chaplet for them. God bless.

  12. Why was picture of him and Mother Teresa taken down from the site? Is Monsignor Esseff no longer associated?

  13. Paul B studley Sr says:

    hi my name is paul. i live in malden mass and to those of you who think these locutions are false , ive been reading them for bout 3 yrs now . and tyhey have been a very special part of my life 3 sundays ago it was very early in the morning and the holy spirit lead me to a very special message . it was the message , recieve without cost . it was a reading from isaiaha ,55:1-13 . after reading the message i asked the lord and god to give me some kind of sign to what i read was what i was supposed to read . well i went to the 5:30 mass that evening and sure enuff , the scripture reading was isaia 55 come drink and eat without cost why do you pay for things that dont satisfy . well i was over come with tears of joy . for the lord does hear us and he does listen .Amen

    • I agree I think the locutions are false and Father Esseff is my confessor, the mere fact that the messages support Bergolgio suggest they are either fake or demonic,

  14. Paul B studley Sr says:

    also at the end of the reading , it says and you will go out with joy and the mountains and the hill will sing with joy , and the trees of the country will clap there hands . well i went home told my wife what happened , i dont think she rally believed me , but the following wednesday my grandson Aaron was over the house me my wife and Aaron were on the back porch , and i was talking bout the reading again and mentioned the part of the trees clapping there hands and 1 sec after i mentioned it, A wind came in from no where and there where 2 trees right in back and they were the only ones that were blowing and the leaves on the trees looked as if they were clapping and my grandson said and they are waving to papa lol . my wife needles to say was astonished and she did believe Amen .

  15. Thomas Marsico says:

    Hello I keep getting questions about how to get in touch with the Monsignor, about a year ago I found the truth in the Latin mass and the truth about the church after 58′ hence I no longer see Monsignor Esseff

  16. I have just become aware of these blog site from a good friend . I am just in a stage of discerning these locutions . Monsignor Esseff seems to be a good solid soldier for Christ. So far in this blog, I take acception to some people’s continual efforts to discredit
    Our Holy Father, Pope Francis. I would advise severe caution to any one who dose that .They very likely can be fighting against Our Lord. Heaven help them.

  17. i’d like to get in touch with him too. Please give me his email. 🙂 ty Diane

  18. Philip p.v. says:

    I wish to now the email address and or mob no. Of Msgr FrJohn Esseff of Scranton diocese. Please help .

  19. You can leave a message for him on his web page under contact us

  20. James Gurn says:

    Relative to Pope Francis be reminded of Satans’ major “tools” in obtaining conquest of souls…CONFUSION..DOUBT..and FEAR. One using
    the “gift: DISCERNMENT of SPIRITS” reveals great CAUTION w/in the
    present Magesterium & its’ “teachings”…We’ve been pre-warned by
    Pope JP per Liberation Theology which now has been invoked…
    “Locutions” that harbor ANY questionable personal determinations
    are to be treated accordingly…
    James Gurn

  21. I agree with those who say ‘Locutions’ are false. I began reading them when they first came out, but kept wondering why all the approval for a Papacy that was so backward and upside down. Never occurred to me that they may be demonic, but just thought they couldn’t at all be accurate. I’ve also noticed a few sites that introduced this site to people, no longer promote them. Wondering as well, if Msgn. Esseff is still involved? I don’t go there anymore.

  22. Raymond, I don’t think anyone is trying to personally discredit the Holy Father. We really do not know what is going on in the Vatican. Whatever it is, is not of God. Not saying that it is the Holy Father, but maybe those surrounding him. But this much is certain………heretical statements and actions are coming from Rome. I would say that those who refuse to see this are the ones in trouble. I pray for him every day in my Rosary, but do not agree with what I’m seeing and hearing. No true Catholic could. That said, we only must obey infallible statements from him, which so far we have seen nor heard any to date. Time will tell what is truly going on in Rome. What comes from Rome is throwing the Church into much confusion and derision, and some poor people are misguided already insisting to their Pastors that they receive Communion out of wedlock or in an irregular marriage. They tell their Pastors that Pope Francis says they can now. If he would only come out and clarify Catholic teaching it would solve this crisis we have going on……but …..he has not. It is also emboldening wayward clerics and in some areas they are already blessing ‘gay unions.’ Much damage being done.

  23. The more I read the locutions I understand their importance for our times.
    They help to filfill the Messages of Fatima and bring them to victory.
    The Holy see failed to fulfill three important tasks required by our Lady of Fatima:
    1st: Consecration of Russia (naming it)
    2nd: Giving the full third secret
    3rd: Promulgation of the Saturdays
    In a few months time we will see how true the lucutions are because disaster will strike.
    One Event after the other will happen and the seers of Medugorje will anounce them.
    Keep praying
    Father Gerhard

    • Andy Webster says:

      The Holy See did not fail to fulfil those three important tasks, the universal Church did. The laity needs to take half the blaim and clericalism is to blame for the other half. The majority of laity up till now has expected priests and religious to perform everyone’s religious duties, and while we had lots of priests, most of them were happy to have things that way. With the majority of the church not having been engaged, by not praying regularly or receiving the sacraments properly, then there’s no way that these tasks could have been fufilled.

  24. does anyone know what Mons Esseff thinks of LTTW after pope Francis visited the USA?

  25. LTTW is Locutions to the World

  26. who shut down the website?
    was it Mons. Esseff but I don’t think he has the site. I believe I read that the site was registered to someone in Steubenville OH.
    It was not the Diocese of Scranton PA a letter/EMAIL from their bishop indicated that they are not in control of LTTW
    I doubt is it was the locutionist
    Did the Bishop of the locutionist order/persuade that it be shut down?
    I suppose some answers will come out of the woodwork soon

  27. The website went off the air after the alleged locutionist’s sayings proved false: The major financial collapse that was supposed to occur during the Pope’s visit to the USA. He was supposed to address the issue during the last stage of his visit as a sign that the two were ‘connected’–the good of the Pope’s visit and the bad of the Financial collapse…or something similar.

  28. How do you measure a “financial collapse”? The stock market is a good indicator because it is a collection of “smart money” that can sense phenomenon quickly. BUT the BVM is smarter than the Dow Jones, She knows what is going on behind the scenes. Perhaps we will see the collapse play out ie stock market crashes between now and the end of the year? It appears that the locutions failed with Pope Francis’s remarks at the end of his USA visit. He did not address the “collapse”.

    Can true locutions fail with prophecy and still be true. Fr. Gobbi’s locutions say because of your prayers and penences that things have changed, be thankful etc. Remember the Book of Jonas where Ninave was spared and God did not site a contingency ie if you repent than you will be spared. Even said someplace that the purpose of prophecy is so that event WILL NOT happen. God wants to be merciful. But LTTW sounded like it would happen or had to happen.

    We have to wait and see how all plays out.

    Did WWII start right after the sign in the heavens which happened Jan 24 and 25th 1938? NO WWII started about 18 months later. Should everyone flip out and reject LTTW as phony? What happened during that sign in the heavens? Hitler took control of the military (that day or that week) and the Annex of Aust. and Hung was 6 wks later. Hitler saw this sign in the Heavesn with his toadies in the Eagles Nest where Hiltler stated: “Give me blood”

    Maybe something happened when the pope was here to cause a crash. Be aware the Chinese president was here with Obama when the pope visited, and Obama met with Putin, the day the website was pulled.

    we have to wait for the dust to settle.

    I have a website which I will revise this winter

  29. bensjoice, thanks for your post. You make a good point about other fulfilled predictions of Fatima that might not have been obvious at the time.
    By the way, did you know that the Pope did “shift his message” with the “Families speech” in Philadelphi? He ditched the planned speech and spoke off the cuff (“Pope Francis ditches political speech for jokes and improvised address on family” The Guardian). The “new situation” referred to in the September 3 locution doesn’t explicitly state the new situation is economic. In fact, there are other references to “new situation” in earlier locutions which talk about other, non-economic things coming together to form a “new situation” in the world. And, of course, attacks on the family are an important part of our “new situation”. So, his shift in message on the Family speech could be part of what that locution was talking about. The Pope’s final words in the “Families speech” are “it’s in the family that our future is at play”, delivered somewhat soberly. Also, he says in the speech that, “sometimes we are a bit CONFUSED, we are DESTROYING it. But the most beautiful thing that God did, says the Bible, was the family” which matches up with these words in September 5 locution, “Satan will have his terrorists, his nuclear Iran and all the CONFUSION caused by the DESTRUCTION of stable structures”. Family is, of course, the most important structure for stability.

  30. Interesting comments regarding Mon. Esseff’s “spiritual directee” who has been receiving ‘locutions’ from Our Lord & Lady for many years and went public with them in 2010. I saved and read ALL the messages up to the visit of Pope Francis, when the WEBsite suddenly shut-down.

    In the week previous to the shut-down I received a very powerful malware virus which tried to erase all of the files I had saved from ‘’. Fortunately, I did not save them on my laptop, so still have the complete archive.

    This experience suggests to me, the validity of these locutions, because “Our Lady” noted that “satan” would do his best to shut down the WEBsite, and in fact that is exactly what happened!

    Meanwhile, in the debate about the impact of Pope Francis’ visit, may I note the sudden departure of a “catholic politician” named John Boehner:

    I peruse several WEBsites with less-than mainstream articles about our economic foibles:

    ALL of which have been predicting the imminent collapse of the US economy. But, it appears that demonic banksters have continued to play with money-flows and successfully averted same up to today.

    This won’t last forever.


  31. Stephen Aspell says:

    Pray for me Father Esseff, this has totally destroyed my reverence for the Mother of Jesus. You don’t have the foggiest notion of how F’n destructive this web site has been toward me and my long long long faith and hope in turning to Mary the mother of Jesus through the Holy Rosery. I don’t even want to pray that prayer anymore!


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    Monsignor John Esseff – Exorcist, Confessor, Catholic Priest — Catholic Tools

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