Benefits of Praise and Worship


The fruit of praise and worship speak for themselves.  Walk in on any reverent group of individuals singing Come Now is the Time to Worship, Open the Eyes of My Heart, or Heart of Worship and you will see hands in the air, eyes closed, sometimes tears, and singing voices.  They are praying and praising God.

Without regards to what language you like Mass said in, young people especially college students and teenagers are attracted to adoration with praise and worship music.  That is praise and worship done correctly.

An encounter with the Lord is a powerful experience.  Often times our youth are distracted at Mass or their hearts are not present.  Praise and worship can help open their hearts to the Lord, so they can prepare for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Since many young people have not been taught how to pray, when they encounter the Lord they don’t know how.  Unfortunately they can’t pray.  Their guard is up, conversation is down, and their heart can have a fence surrounding it from years away from the Church.

Just like David sang, so too can we sing to the Lord.  This same effect can occur with Latin chant, but our youth don’t know latin.  So by starting them with praise and worship it helps them go deeper with their prayer life.

Would you like a chapel full of young people praying to the Lord once a week?  Start a praise and worship adoration group.  The only stipulation…Lead Worship Correctly.

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