Binding, Rebuking, and Commanding Evil Spirits

Jesus Christ

This may sound outlandish or even like you might not have any authority to say these words.  But these simple words are extremely powerful.

For example how many times have you received communion and never felt like anything happened.  If we truly knew what we are receiving than how much greater would we prepare for Mass and how much more would that Mass effect our life.  In the same sense just because these words might not elicit a big theatrical scene, they still wage war against the Devil.
All Christians have the authority to bind evil spirits in Christ’s name (Mk, 16:17).  Binding an evil spirit is using the Authority of Jesus Christ and His power to make the evil spirit stop what ever it is doing and not to make any further progress.  It is silencing the spirit.  Rebuking is taking authority over the evil spirit and stopping it, too.

When you command in the name of Jesus Christ you are telling the spirit to be disposed of by Jesus.  One is not doing any of this with their own power, but the power of Jesus Christ.

This prayer could be said everyday.

Evil spirit, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ, and command you to go to the foot of the cross.

These prayers can be said silently, in a soft voice, or out loud.  Many times it is good to begin silently if you suspect something so as not to startle the person.  They should be said when you walk into new areas, your homes, places of business, silently over everyone you meet in all situations.

This “Spiritual Warfare Prayer” could be said everyday protecting yourself, or said over someone.


Lord Jesus, I ask you today to cover Me and my family, the whole world, especially our military and our priest, with your precious blood and protection.  Uncover any hidden plot of the enemy before it has a chance to take root or effect or do any harm.  Alert us to any hidden plots against us and provide in advance a peaceful solution to any damage the enemy tries to do.  Bind and make mute any evil spirits that try to manifest or attach themselves to us in any way.  We ask you to please hide from the enemy the personal plans and ministries you have for us, so he has no access or knowledge of them. Let no weapon formed against us be able to prosper.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke any curses, hexes or spells sent against us.  I bind all interplay, interaction and communication of evil spirits, and I claim the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on_________.  I ask you , Lord, to please send St. Michael, the Archangel, to drive out all the evil spirits who roam the earth and give St. Michael the authority to send all evil spirits straight to the recesses of hell, where they will remain forever.

Lord Jesus, I also ask you to please let the waters of our baptism flow back through our bloodlines to cleanse us of any evil or unwanted tendencies or traits that we may have inherited from our ancestors.   And lastly, Lord, I ask you to please bless my enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion.

We thank you, Lord, and we praise you.  Lord, for your boundless mercy and protection. Amen.

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  1. send an mejl

    • How can I get in touch with a priest . Telephone or on line.

    • Philly Burbs says:

      Since March 2014 I have been scratched or harassed by a demon/spirit in my home on a daily basis. Paranormal experts, spiritualist & clergy have come to my home to help me.They come to help, the demon leaves, they go & it (they) comes back. I know there is more then one. I also have had the ‘ it’s presences ‘ confirmed through a a professional paranormal group’s equipment when they they were here.To prove I am not crazy. I went to bed in sweats & woke up in a dirty pair of jeans..I was really scared. It knows who are easy targets. Those with have no place to go. I was told to tell it to go to the ‘white light’ This thing had no intention of going towards any color light in any direction. It has been a living – waking – nightmare. I have no peace. I would think today is going to be find – then the knock – to tell me of it’s arrival. If I ignore it, it knocks some more. I have done a lot of research in the past 3 months. There are a lot of people out there getting scratched & having things go on in their homes. Maybe more than before or maybe now with the internet it’s talked about more. Do a simple search on Google & You Tube, it is happening all over the world. Spiritual warfare was never taught in the 12 years that I attended catholic school. Nor do I ever remember it being brought up during a Mass in over 50 years. Why Not? I could have at least been somewhat prepared, Why are bible thumping protestant laymen & ministers ready to go to a strangers home & help them get rid these awful things when catholic priest run from the issue? Catholic’s invented exorcisms. Not them. And why are there exorcism prayers available on line that only a priest can say but other than a simple house blessing, it appears, unless I had connections, no priest will be coming to my home to help me? Why can’t I say those prayers, if they work… we are all children of God, right? The reason for my e-mail is I wanted to share a prayer(s) I found a few days ago, & it appears to be working. When someone is getting attacked/ harassed one needs to focus at the issue at hand so maybe it’s a good idea to pray for the military, the priest & the whole world another time, it’s too easy to lose focus & that’s exactly what this thing wants, the person praying to be all over the place & lose focus. .Not until a few days ago did I realized when praying that no one was ‘binding or casting out or destroying ‘ these things are not human, they need to be stopped, although an enemy may have sent one … I would just tell it to leave, go to the white light. Well …what if it doesn’t want to go to the white light? no one was telling it where to go back to hell or under the feet of Christ…just God loves & forgives all, go to the white light. Since March I have said The Lords Pray, Prayer to Michael the Archangel to fight ..& defend me in battle & I prayed the psalms 90, 91, 40 & 101 sometimes several times a day. It would leave me alone but always came back, Since I recited the above plus this warfare prayer… the ‘knocks’ have subsided. I have been waiting all day, nothing …I know I have to be careful. I will just leave the links… this letter is long enough. Blessings & thanks for listening, 4 months ago I didn’t believe in any of this stuff. I didn’t believe in spirits or demons. I’m a good person, I never went out of my way to hurt or cheat or do anything to anyone. Who knew such things roam the earth? : I didn’t I really didn’t. take care..maybe meld the 2 together…

      • Philly Burbs says:

        I should have edited my letter a lot before posting, you don’t have an edit button..oh well… I hope I don’t come across the wrong way.

        • Philly, Here is a Catholic school for deliverance with priest etc in charge. It is called The Padre Pio Center for deliverance and counseling Just click on this address or copy and paste:

        • Philly go see a priest and tell them what you are going through and take the information that you have with you. Or contact
          They also can help you. The group is called Padre Pio center for deliverance and counseling.

        • I have contacted the Padre Pio center and received counsel from a Brother (who’s sole focus is deliverance) He is a hermit and prays for anyone who asks. Once you are on the prayer list you never leave it-ever. They know you are not crazy! I felt very comfortable speaking to Br. about my situation.

          • That is wonderful Marie. I have not used them but have heard they are helpful. So glad you were able to talk to someone there. Will pray for you. Gods love

        • Hi All,

          You all need to understand the battle between light and dark! Jesus is the only one whom has the power over the dark side! We are approaching the biggest battle Armageddon/Appocalypse what ever name you wish to call it! These problems people are experiencing is the dark sides way of trying to stop light over dark! The more they interrupt the rising the more chance they think they have of winning the battle! More and more people are becoming aware of them because humanity is growing stronger in the light! Those who are more susceptible to it are invaluable to the dark because of their dangerous possibility of quickening their development! You will be a target regardless of any sin or goodness in you. Its the soul/spirits development they wish to distrupt! Take heart Jesus wins the battle and these disturbances are the early process of the elimination of darkess for good! All will witness the lord’s second coming.
          I am entering my 12th year of experiences with the dark side you have to fight and stay strong, use the bible to strengthen you.
          For the disbelievers watch The Bible – Apocalypsis Revelation [2002] [DVD] it explains the lord’s second coming and God’s plan for humanity.

          Swdendborg is another excellent source of explanation on evil spirits and how to combat them. Once again the lord is the answer.

          Hope this helps xxx

          • You are right Jesus is the greatest power and He and his mother have given us the tools to fight the evil one. Padre Pio says that the greatest war weapon against the evil one is the rosary, the mass and communion, and the sacraments, and pray, pray, pray. Deliverance prayers are also one of the tools. When we are in a war (spiritual war for us) we must use the above weapons to win.

          • I want to also add the Bible is also another weapon along with sacramentals (these are not good luck charms they just remind of us that Jesus is there for us). I think the reason a lot was not taught was because the church felt that if you lived your life as Christ taught us you would not have to worry about the evil one.

          • Paula be sure to stick with books by authors that are approved by the Catholic church. Like Fr Amorth the excorcist in the vatican, There are several other priest who have written about this subject.

      • Deborah says:

        I agree, these things are never taught to us as Catholics. The first time I heard about “Spiritual warfare” was at a Methodist church in a Christian Counseling skills course, I attended. Then when I started to research and ask questions in my own faith, I found quite a number of Catholic priests who are healers and exorcists and found that this was not as quite under the table as I had believed. I have also been “visited” and kept prisoner in my bed by some strong force. I was awake when it happened and I actually saw the spirit come up from my floor and then it climbed on top of me. I could not move and I could not speak. I also, before this happened, had the “knocking” (I referred to it more like a tapping, etc… ) as soon as I was held prisoner in my bed I called a priest who is a healer (a Catholic priest) and he told me that I had been attacked by Lucifer himself. I was given these tools to “free myself from these demons”: Say Psalm 91 before going to bed, sprinkle Holy Water (or exorcised water if you can get it – I was given some) around your bed. Try and get some exorcised salt as well and sprinkle it in your doorways and in the four corners of your house) Wear a Rosary (which you pray) around your neck (keep it on your person at all times as the Evil One is VERY afraid of Mary) as well as a Carmelite Scapular (the brown one). I NEVER take these off. They are on my person at all times – this is for protection. I put on the Armour of God (Ephesians Chapter 6, vs 10-19) every morning and every night along with St Patrick’s breastplate prayer. I also pray the St Michael prayer every morning and night. Ask Padre Pio to help you. And above all have a Mass said in your home. I also had to learn that through my own sin I opened this door and I had to repent of my sins. I have been walking this road for more than a year now but I have not been visited by demons again after I did these things (what I said above). I went to a lot of healing masses and a lot of confessions. I am not saying that you have brought this on through sin – I am merely saying that is how I brought this on to myself and perhaps that may help you. In any event, whatever the reason you are being “tormented” the tools I have given above do help. Also remember that the “Our Father” is a powerful prayer to say out loud and so is the Apostles Creed (hold a crucifix in your hand while saying these). If you persevere long enough they will leave you alone – that is what I was told.

        Good luck – I will try and help where I can as I have been through this!


        • Being unable to move with an evil presence in the room upon waking has happened to me several times, please take a look at this link.

          It’s called sleep paralysis, when the mind wakes before the body. It is recorded as feelings of dread and of an evil presence sitting on your chest, as well as audio and visual hallucinations occur while the mind struggles to rectify situation.

          • This is a legitimate illness that is why the exorcism team always has the person checked by a medical doctor and sometimes specialist to make sure it is not medical and go to a psychologist to make sure it is not mental. There is also several other criteria that they must meet before the Bishop gives permission for the priest who is an exorcist to perform a exorcism.

            As for deliverance please read the book on deliverance by Francis Mcnutt as to who and what is done.

          • I have woke up and found myself praying and rebuking in my sleep. when this happens its hard to develop this skill while you are sleeping and sense evil approaching. but from my own experience it can be done.

      • the reason why it never was taught in catholic school, and in churches, is because communicating with spirits can be dangerous to the soul. The Body and Blood of our Lord in the Eucharist, daily prayer, confession, and frequenting of the sacraments are sufficient to keep a person immune to demonic attacks. I have been attacked recently in my dream because I saw a man who posted that he was being haunted by his dead girlfriend so i intervened through prayer. On the next day my dream was full of assaulting. But when I wake up everything is okay, and I am fully aware that the demon can not touch me when I am awake; not yet. I cannot do this alone, for I need the Body and Blood of God in the Eucharist. I have been visited by St. Padre Pio in my dream to tell me that he will take care of it.

        We do not have to know, especially if we have faith, and a strong relationship with God, that other religions do not recognize. It is the Holy Eucharist, the pure, eternal sacrifice of God’s Mercy for the reparation of sins. 🙂

        Please always pray to St. Michael the Archangel and to St. Padre Pio, and devote yourselves to the Divine Mercy. These are safety precautions. Then frequent yourselves in confession and the Eucharist. These are holy interventions.

        Thank you,


  2. Spiritual Warfare Prayer for someone else.
    Seemed to work instantly.
    after praying for this individual a few days.
    the same week he sought help for his drug addiction. I know prayer works , but this is wonderful! Thanks Be to GOD!

  3. Praise God! This page is confirmation from a Catholic source of spiritual warfare principles shared with me by a non-Catholic source. Bless the Lord!

  4. I thank God for this prayer!

  5. Cynthia says:

    This is good but how do I remove dream spirits and there voices when I am awake. No joke. This is real. I have one Ordain Minister that believes me. These spirits talk though me to him. I speak in a country voice and not so proud. The spirit talks in a proud voice. He writes the Minister letters though me. You can write him at this Address. Minister, Don Woolery – P.O. Box 3007 Shawnee O.K. – 74802-3007. Mind You he is 73 years old. Make sure you give him your up most respect. Cynthia Morris- P.O. Box 65 Clay City Ky. 41339

  6. Cynthia, try this. Do this before you go to bed every night. I bind the strongman and spoil his goods and works over my life and I command you to cast yourself into the Abyss. I bind every spirit of darkness assianged to my life and command you to be cast into the Abyss. By the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, you have no authority to make progress in my life. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life that no harm shall come to me. In jesus name, Amen. Say it knowing you have all the power, stand proud and say it loud if needed. They have to take your word and do what you command them to do. Say this prayer for any needs in your life, just fill in the specific need and dont foget to give God the glory for it. Hope this will help you and anyone else. I’m using this prayer on friends and family and it is working. God is so wonderful to give us the tools to fight back when we are being attacked. Go for it.

    • Lisa,

      Thank You for taking the time to reply to Cynthia. Great response.

      God Bless

      • Lisa that is a good prayer you might want to add (this is what Padre Pio said to do everyday) ” In Jesus’ name I send the spirit____________to the foot of the cross for You Jesus to deal with” In the blank space say the spirit of anger, unforgiveness, lust etc what ever spirit is holding you back.

    • Lisa, THANK YOU for that prayer as well. I will be sure to use it.
      In Jesus name.

  7. this is absolutely brilliant , Thank you Jesus <3

  8. In the Name of Jesus Christ…

  9. i felt that the devil was using my husband against me one night and i said out loud, these words….he stopped immediately but him and his family now think that i am evil and that it was not good or nice at all.
    my 10yr old son wants to know why i said that to his dad…..
    came on line to try and find an answer for him.

    • the devil has done the same thing to my husband. and his family. im sorry for you. im sure no one believes you. they don’t beileieve me either. i will pray for you

  10. Like Katy…
    I’m sure no believes you either but I do.
    I lived it & I know.
    I went through the same thing with my husband & his family.
    I will pray for you as well. Prayer changes things.

  11. I think I need this prayer for protection in the workplace. There is one dishonest coworker trying to work against me because she wants my job position. It may have gotten as bad to the point where she has influenced the boss and higher bosses to favor her and view me in a negative way. I have done nothing wrong to her or any other worker and I have been minding my own business doing my job as the company expects. Basically, the evil one is using her to get my spirits down or trying to bring me down. Lately I am worrying more about all this and I am no longer happy or peaceful due to this . I could look for another job because all this is draining me. I dread going to work because of all this. However I wouldn’t quit unless I found another job.I now feel strongly that I should pray protection prayers like this everyday.

    • [email protected] says:

      Hey cath your story is a duplicate of mine, my coleque did the same to me but i prayed to God to give me persavierance and i went to work in one of our branches for 2 months and she decided to take 4nmonths holiday now am back in the same place she is not there but i feel the presence of God in me.
      Keep on praying expecially Novena prayer to st.Jude it keeps me going.

      • Thank you Teiyanjaber for your encouragement. Some things have gotten better at work and my story is more similar to yours now that I have heard that this coworker is looking for another job and possibly leaving. I Will keep praying for my job and my coworkers and that only God’s will be done.

  12. Hie lisa

    I was just going through deliverance pages to see if i can get any help.
    I am catholic and am really weighed down by a delicate situation which needs a solution yesterday.I dont want to do anything outside the catholic norms.
    Here goes.My wife and i been married for 20years.This time Last year she left home and was away for 7 months.while she was away I went thru a very tough time from bad scary dreams to misfortune of knocking down a school girl. A lot of things happened and eventually when she came back, she told me what was happening.Her Family lives on the darkside of life and she was sacrificed to a husband in spirit.Ofcourse I forgave her and we were a hapy family again.Now again same time as Last year she left home for work but did not return only to phon eour daughter that she is not coing back.I have not followed her and she has not beeb in touch I suppose wont for the next 6 or so months.
    I am going through the same things i went through last year.she comes in my dreams with a baby and I am in bed with women in my dreams.
    I am now in a spiritual crisis and breakingdown emotionally.Some have suggested deliverance from Pentecostal ministers but i have never done anything outside the catholic tradition for whatever reasons.
    Can somebody Help?

  13. Fr. Daniel says:

    Dino, find out if there is an exorcist in your diocese. It doesn’t sound as though you need an exorcism, but the exorcist should have better insight into your situation and be able to help you.
    You should also receive the sacraments regularly. Never miss Sunday Mass. Your soul needs it. Go to confession regularly. If you ever have a serious fall (mortal sin) don’t put off going to confession.
    In a certain sense, it doesn’t matter how much garbage the devil throws at any of us as long as we are living in God’s grace.
    Also, offer the suffering this causes you for the conversion of your wife. You are in her life for a reason.

  14. How do I know if a person I love is possessed or needs another kind of help ?

  15. Deborah says:

    Put on the Armour of God everyday for protection. Ephesians 6:10-18.

  16. My name is Lisa and I am going through deleverance by myself and through the Word of God to be delivered from a demon who has tried to manifest in my entire body. He has tried to take my life from me and I need prayer. I am doing my own deliverance prayers and praises to God helps and also repentence. I find that other people praying for me works better and I am willing to pray for others as well. Thankyou

  17. I came across this version of the prayer:

    In the Name of Jesus I bind any spirit here that is not of the Holy Spirit
    and send you to the foot of the Cross to be Judged by Our Lord.

    Precious Blood, wash over me, Precious Blood, wash over me. Protect me from the wickedness and snares of the devil.

  18. God bless all of you for believing

  19. Thank you for this prayer. Please pray with me, a reinforcing prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, bind it forever to the abyss from me and my love. Priscilla

    • We will keep you in the Lord’s heart Priscilla.

      • Thank you for this. Praise God! I don’t know what more to say – God knows everything. Reinforcing deliverance prayers; his beautiful grace and power bind it forever to the abyss, away. I pray the prayer for me and in his home today. I consider going
        to the Vatican, to pray for complete deliverance, find a special priest. I drove through Steubenville today & wondered if I should go in. Priscilla

  20. e olivencia says:
  21. My brother has invoked a demon and now is scared to try to be delivered from it because it tells him it will kill him if he tries to turn away. I felt the demon’s presence. Our family and pastor is trying to witness and pray for him. How do I protect myself, home, and family from being vulnerable to this demon, especially when my brother comes to my house (I refuse to turn him away because he seems to be trying to repent, he is just scared).

    • Carine when you are with your brother and you sense the evil ones presence Say In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave this child of God. Also take a spray bottle of Holy Water and make the sign of the cross on each door and window on the outer walls and say I pray that no evil enter through this door or window in Jesus’ name Also if you can get some blessed salt put some in you food when your brother is there. And sprinkle the salt around the house and place some above the entrance doors. Also spray the rooms with holy water including the chairs.

  22. Bernadette says:

    , thank you very for your advice of how to cast the evil spirit , I think it can help me.Remember me in prayer.

  23. Jacqueline Hicks says:

    I just recently got a job in a psych faculty. I am a cna. I asked God for talo job so I could be able to exspose the devil and his work and allow God to use me to bing alot of souls back to Him. Please keep me in your prayers as I pray and fast. And try these prayers. Thank you so helpful.

  24. I am going thru oppression and was verified by a delegate of our diocese exorcist. It has been a blessing to know one I am not crazy and two something can be done. I know the oppression won’t go away over night but Gods grace is now involved. Is it normal to have headaches or pressure and choking or gagging as part of oppression? Does anyone have any thoughts.

    • Yes, I have headaches & gagging with the feeling of a lump in my throat among many other things, way worse. I made a huge mistake & through I had no idea what I did was wrong I open a door. SMH, This happened to me before, as a child when I was giving a ouija board for CHRISTMAS! This time was my fault. Don’t watch ” The Secret ” on Netflix. Big mistake.

  25. john d moretz says:

    please pray this for the moretz family thank you 5/24/14

  26. Amen god bless!!!

  27. Neil Lozano has a deliverance ministry in Philly, he wrote “Unbound” & “Resisting the devil” he has a web page and you can call him and someone will get back to you. He runs seminars all over the world, called Freedom in Christ. Most people need this to be free, this is caused by our sins.

  28. This is very wrong and we should avoid confrontation with evil spirits. You will open yourselves to evil and harm if you as a lay person without any training confront evil spirits directly. It is better to pray, live a good Sacramental life, receive the Holy Eucharist worthily, go to Confession regularly, read the lives of the Saints and the Holy Gospel and live a simple virtuous life. Do not engage in deliverance yourselves. It is too dangerous and you know not what you may do not only to yourself but you may indirectly cause harm to a member of your family if a spirit exposes itself. We should look at the lives of the Saints and see where they put their trust in God, prayed much and used the Sacramentals. Leave deliverance to the experts and exorcism only to Catholic Priests. God bless you all and stay safe in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

  29. Cath I had that problem once besides praying I also took Holy Water with some blessed salt in the water and sprayed everyone’s seat and prayed over the seats. I went in early when no one was there. It does help. You can also make the sign of the cross with the holy water on the entrance door to the place you work and ask Jesus to not let any evil enter that door.

    • Hi, I’m John. I have tried to ward away evil to someone who’s being possesed by an evil entity 1 year ago before I moved to our province. Like you, I am a religious person too I use to attend prayer groups and seminars. Now to cut the story short, after I moved to our province I went back in Manila…I have a tough experience in our province, which somehow, weakens my faith…..I have commited mortal sins that I know, hurts Jesus and Mother Mary. There are, now, doubts in me….and I know to myself that I’m being oppressed too, I can’t concentrate praying the rosary anymore….or even in the Holy Mass. I can’t focus coz’ sometimes I feel drowzy, unlike before. But what scares me the most is that I am experiencing headaches, sometimes its I can’t breath….what is happening to me? Until I prayed the deliverance prayer, it worked thank God, Jesus and Mother Mary….but still I want to be cleansed by a priest….what do you think?

      • Yes John you need to go see a priest and confess. You might want to make an appointment so that you can take time and confess everything and not feel pressured to stop because others are outside waiting to come into the confessional. I will pray for you and will have my worldwide prayer group pray for you also.

        Lord Jesus please send the Holy Spirit down on John and give him strength and courage to go see one of you priest who is personna Christa. Until then Lord Jesus in your name I command any spirits that are bothering John to be sent to the foot of the cross for you to deal with. In your name Jesus Amen

        Also John You can also contact the Padre Pio Center and they can also help you. Click on the words around the horse and rider.

  30. I posted this once but for some reason it did post so will try again.

    Read the book “Healing” by Francis McNutt. It is published by Ava Maria Press.

    Only a priest, Bishop per cannon law can do a excorcism. However, a lay person can pray for themselves and over others for deliverance. The book above can explain it. It is approved by the church

    This is from Catholic Exchange “Deliverance from Evil: “A Pastroal Emergency”

    Here are some website of Catholic deliverance ministries.

    click on the different words around the horse and rider for the website above.

  31. What does it mean when I feel like people are controlling my arms? Like inside me? What should I do?

    • We all as Christians in the name of Jesus can rebuke the spirit. But what we do and say should be something like this: “The spirit of _________ (anger, lust, unforgiveness etc) send you to the foot of the cross to be taken care of by our Lord Jesus Christ
      Only a priest can do an exorcism. But we can do the above.

  32. I prayed the first prayer and substituted “evil spirit” with “vice of smoking” and my husband stopped smoking the next day. I had been asking him for years!! And this prayer did it. It has been a year and a half since he quit. I recommend substituting for anything else you may need help with… Fear, anger, anxiety, practically anything. It is very powerful.

    • I met a woman at a religious conference whose husband was a mean alcoholic. One day he started coming into the kitchen toward her and she said “In the name of Jesus leaving me alone and go sit down in the living room” He did and he left her alone. She also prayed Lord Jesus I sent this spirit of alcoholism and angry to the foot of the cross for you to deal with.” After awhile he stopped drinking and changed .

    • Praise the Lord.

  33. The catholic’s are making to much money keeping demons around then to actually get rid of them and lose monry. They just keep sending them out of one lost person into a saved one. And now the saved person is the one that’s sick someone else. But the people in the church saw a miracle???

    • Lay people can say the words of deliverance. A priest is the only one that can do exorcisms. Father Gabriel Armorth a excorcist from Rome and the Vatican wrote a book called “Excorcist tells his story” Also there is one on Deliverance written by Francis McNutt a book approved by the church. These will tell you what we as lay people can do.

    • You are also write when you speak these words with the but the power of Jesus Christ.

  34. This prayers are very powerful and help me through my depression and loneliness and worry about the future

  35. I really needed to read inspirational words such as these am in a battle for life .

    • I will pray for you that things will turn around for you. But know that Jesus loves you and so does Momma Mary. She is your mother also.

  36. “Of the 37 miracles recorded in The Gospels, five of them (over 10%) involved casting out demons, healing the demon possessed, or driving out an evil spirit. To Jesus, it is clear that just as important as addressing the human problems of: loss of function, poverty, sickness, death, grief, ill fortune and hunger, is the problem of evil. Remember, there are only four things He instructs us to request in daily prayer and “deliver us from evil” is the final one listed (Matthew 6:13)!”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” iBooks.


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    Binding, Rebuking, and Commanding Evil Spirits — Catholic Tools

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